After obtaining the necessary consents and a licence for part of the seabed in Torbay, Brixham Sea Farms Ltd was formed to investigate growing mussels in open sea conditions. This was the first time such a method had been attempted in the UK.

After finding out how to successfully grow mussels in the open sea where the mussels have to weather winter storms, Brixham Sea Farms Ltd built a depuration facility at Dartside Quay in Galmpton on the River Dart.The mussels are put through a 42 hour depuration cycle that ensures that the end product meets all the necessary Food Safety standards.

After depuration the mussels are inspected on a conveyor, barnacles and tubeworm are removed and the mussels are weighed and packaged ready for despatch with a health mark which identifies the source , which tank they were depurated in and when they came out of the tank.

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